Academic Support

Welcome to Academic Support  at Saltus Grammar School.  Under the direction of Mrs. Karen Lusher, the department endeavours to meet the needs of students whose academic performance is consistently unequal to their overall measuredKaren lusher ability.  Recognizing that students excel and struggle in unique ways, Academic Support  partners with classroom teachers to explore and identify challenges for students who may require additional support.  Services vary based on the developmental expectations of each department, resources available, and the needs of individual students.

Academic Support seeks to: 

  • Identify students whose needs are not being met in the classroom through screening and analysis of longitudinal test data, portfolios of work, and teacher or parent referral.
  • Assist students in acquiring knowledge of their unique learning styles and abilities and in developing a repertoire of strategies to enhance and direct their learning.  To provide access to academic, counseling or external support so that students can achieve their potential and participate successfully and fully in the academic life at Saltus Grammar School.
  • Serve as a resource to the whole Saltus community including teachers, administrators and parents.

Parents and families are by far the most important influence in a child's life and your involvement will play a vital role at all stages of your child's education.  Academic Support will continue to promote an active collaboration between the home and school which serves to strengthen the effectiveness of the quality education we strive to offer at Saltus Grammar School.

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