Saltus Parent Ambassador Programme

Q & A

What are the objectives of the Saltus Parent Ambassador Programme?

To work alongside the Admissions Department to:

  • Connect parents in a positive and productive way.
  • Create a sense of welcome into the Saltus community.
  • Establish healthy and accurate communication links to the community.

Why does Saltus have a Parent Ambassador Programme?

In November 2010, John Littleford, of Littleford and Associates, conducted a number of focus groups with Saltus parents. Mr. Littleford recommended that Saltus form a Parent Ambassador Programme to connect parents to the school in a positive, productive way. Saltus is committed to continually improving the relationship with their parents so the Ambassador Programme was therefore established in January 2011.

What does a Parent Ambassador do?

An Ambassador selects the area or areas that they would like to contribute towards. The areas include:.

  • Being a Mentor to families who are new to the Saltus Community.
  • Being trained to become Tour Guides for the Saltus Open House events.
  • Monitoring the reputation of Saltus in the local community (including online mention of Saltus).
  • Contributing ideas and feedback.

How much time is required of a Parent Ambassador?

This programme requires a strong commitment to Saltus and to the academic life of your child. It does not require a lot of your time. Every area of this programme (excepting Tour Guides) can be done through email contact. Ambassadors can control how much or how little time they wish to contribute.

Is this Programme making a positive impact?

Yes! It has been an exciting start and has received wide support from Parents, Faculty and Staff. The Ambassadors are working together to further improve the Programme and continue this early success.

Who organizes the Parent Ambassadors and the different areas of the Programme?

The Director of Admissions and Parent Relations organizes the Ambassador Programme and reports directly to the Headmaster.

What do I need to do to become a Saltus Parent Ambassador?

If you are the parent of a Saltus student and are committed to the academic life of your child, you are encouraged to be a Saltus Parent Ambassador.

For more information contact Amanda Skinner, Director of Admissions and Parent Relations, at

Saltus Parent Ambassadors


  • Susan Aldrich
  • Jeffrey Baron
  • Rebecca Bart
  • Jodi Benloulou
  • Kelly Calveley
  • Kris Cash
  • Belinda Castree
  • Mark Cave
  • Latasha Celestine
  • Darrin Charles
  • Julia Clements
  • Tanya Copeland
  • David Cox
  • Lesley Cox
  • Olivia deFrias
  • Seema Dooboree
  • Dr. Laura Dowling
  • Cathy Duffy
  • Nick Duffy
  • Christina Frost-Hartwig
  • Sandy Furr
  • Paula Goodchild
  • Julie Grant
  • Sharon Hammond
  • Jane Hope
  • Melinda Fischer
  • Roxanne Jackson
  • Rose Jones
  • Janey Kim-Cave
  • Eric Kittleson
  • Caroline Komposch
  • Claude Lefebvre
  • George Leite
  • Gail Maitland
  • Julie Marshall
  • Victoria Martin
  • Elizabeth McKee
  • Christine Mello
  • Douglas Mello
  • Kendra Mello
  • Robin Miller
  • Denise Millican
  • Jacqui Nokes
  • Karen Norville
  • Karen O’Connor
  • Addy Osset
  • Tracy Outerbridge
  • LaQuita Outerbridge
  • Sue Pell
  • Maja Penruddocke
  • Paula Pereira
  • Mark Pougnet
  • Shelley Ray
  • Corrina Rego
  • Jonathan Rego
  • Sean Ringsted
  • Heidi Ringsted
  • Nicola Robertson
  • Kathy Rossiter
  • Helen Rynne
  • Susan Simmons
  • Shonee Simons
  • JP Skinner
  • Douglas Soares
  • Tara Soares
  • Liz Southern
  • Steven Stefaniuk
  • Kristie Stefaniuk
  • Jen Titterton
  • Deborah Titterton Narraway
  • Shannon Townsend
  • Cecilia Wotton
  • Caspar Young
  • Cherie-Lyn Zanol
  • Cathy Zimmerer

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