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  • How do I contact the Finance Department?

    For all enquiries, please email Thank you.
  • What is the enrolment fee?

    After an offer is made, an enrolment fee of $1,000 is payable to secure a place at the school. Please note that this is not applied to tuition and is non-refundable. This is a one-time payment.
  • What are my payment plan options?

    There are three choices for payment; one payment (due July 1), two payments (due July 1 and January 1), or monthly (July through April).
  • How can I make a payment for fees?

    Payments can be made by cash, cheque, transfer or standing order. Please contact the Finance or Admissions office for local account or international wire information.
  • How do I apply for Financial Assistance?

    Please contact the Director of Enrolment Management for details or refer to our Financial Assistance tab for all financial assistance information. The due date for the Financial Aid applications through FAST is the end of January; prior to the academic year you are applying to however we are happy to work with you throughout the year so don't hesitate to call.
  • I want to change my tuition payment plan. Is it too late?

    Please contact the finance office by 31st May prior to the academic year to make any changes to your enrolment contract.
  • Tuition and Fees

    Annual tuition is $23,360 due on 1st July. Payment plans are available with an additional administrative fee.
    The administrative fee is applicable only to accounts registered for (optional) payment plans and are paid in installments with tuition.
    • Two payment plan - will incur a total administrative fee of $440 due in two instalments. Payment ($11,900) due on 1st July and 1st January.

    • Ten payment plan - will incur a total administrative fee of $900 due in ten instalments. Payment ($2,426) due monthly on 1st July through to 1st April.
  • Additional Fees

    Technology Fee (All Students): A technology fee of $75 will apply to all students to offset costs of the network, storage, internet connection and hardware and other devices.

    Printing Fee (Middle and Senior): All students from Year 7 upwards will be issued a printing allowance of 400 sheets per year. Students who exceed this balance will be able to buy upgrades to their allowance in increments of 100 sheets at a rate of $10 per 100 sheets.

    CPR Certification Fee (SGY1 only): Required curriculum fee of $65 for SGY1 only.

    Graduation Fee (SGY2 only): A graduation fee will apply to those students in SGY2 only. The fee will be $450 and will cover all costs of graduation and the cost of preparing and delivering up to three transcripts to post-secondary institutions.

    Music Fees/Lessons (optional): Music Lessons $55 per half hour; Music Rental $55 per term. 

    Yearbook Fee (optional): A fee of $65 per copy will be charged for the school yearbook. Parents will be given the opportunity to 'opt out' of receiving a yearbook before the charge is processed. 

    External Fees: Additional fees as required to cover external costs of exams/ study guides/ etc.

Financial Assistance

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  • Procedures

    Current Students and Applicants:
    • *FAST applications will be open in December and all forms need to be submitted to FAST by 31st January for aid allocations effective 1st September of the same year. The forms are accessed through our website under Admissions, Financial Aid.
    • Proof of salary must be provided to the school by 31st January sent via email to
    • FAST applications are reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee.
    • Notification of financial aid allocation will be issued after 28th February.
    • After notification has been received, a signed contract is due by 31st March.
    • Families need to re-apply every year for Financial Assistance.
  • Policies

FAST (Financial Aid and School Tuition)

*What is FAST? FAST (Financial Aid and School Tuition) is an external company located in America. FAST does not decide whether financial assistance will be given or how much to give. FAST provides a need-based financial aid analysis service which includes a recommendation of what a family should reasonably contribute toward tuition. All information from FAST is kept confidential. Results are reviewed by the Saltus Financial Aid Committee and, after analyzing, the budget decisions are made and financial aid offers are sent to families.

To be considered for Financial Aid you must apply each year. To begin the process, please click here

Pertinent Information Regarding FAST
  • Click here to download the Parent User Guide
  • The application process is self-guided. You may navigate in and out of the program allowing you to partially complete an application and go back to it at another time. Online e-mail and a 24/7 helpline is provided through FAST be email or 1-877-326-FAST, Saltus Grammar School is not able to provide guidance in completing the application.
  • The charge for the application is $43.00 and to be paid by credit card at the end of the session
  • The online submission deadline for all applications is 31st January in the year preceding the year in which aid is being applied for

For enquiries regarding applications for Financial Assistance, please email the Director of Enrolment Management at

For general enquiries, please email Thank you.

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