Friendly swim meet with visiting CAIS School

A few of our students had the opportunity to swim against a visiting Canadian school, Ashbury College (a CAIS School) on Wednesday, 13th November at the Saltus pool. 
It was a friendly swim meet between a few select teams from Saltus, Warwick Academy and Somersfield against Ashbury College from Ottawa, Ontario.
All of the students represented themselves and their respective schools well and all of them had fun, swimming and meeting new people.
However, if keeping track, Bermuda Select won all but two races (there were 22).  But the main goal was to have fun, which was accomplished!
Saltus students involved in the meet were:
SGY2 – Jessie Marshall, Ross Cooper and Jak Froud
SGY1 – Andrew Manuel, Daniel Osset
S11 – Katie Stevenson, Kyle Cash, Chris Skinner, Rajan Patton, Tommy Marshall