Carifta Trials

Last week, Gabriella Mederios competed for the Carifta trials! She just missed the qualifying mark of 1.60. With the trials deadline being extended, we hope you have another chance to try! 

"16-year-old Gabriella Medeiros of Saltus Grammar School, who also competed in the Carifta trials, recording a best jump of 1.55, which just missed the qualifying mark of 1.60.
With the qualifying deadline being extended after the Carifta Games were postponed because of the worldwide Covid-19 virus outbreak, Simons is looking forward to working with both jumpers in the coming weeks.
“There is a girl, Gabriella, who jumped 1.55 today [Sunday] and doesn’t train. She’s a dancer but she could qualify for Carifta.
“She’s got power, spring, and is coachable because I went to Saltus and coached her after their sports day. I make myself available to give those who want it the opportunity to advance.”" - from the RG article

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