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4E Assembly: 23 ways to take care of the earth!


At the end of January, students in Ms. Erika Powell’s S4 class performed their assembly focussed on taking responsibility for the earth.  The class shared 23 easy ways that students at Saltus can help.  Although many students already bring trash free lunches or use a recyclable water bottle at school, other ideas included carpooling with friends, limiting the amount of paper they print, composting their fruit peels, or joining the UP Eco Club. Click here to see the PowerPoint presentation on “23 ways that students can help take care of the earth!”

The class also sang “Nature Baby,” along with another song called “The Three R’s” which explained how we should work together to reduce, reuse and recycle our trash at school. At the end of the assembly, 4E students reminded everyone that, “when we all do a little to help the earth, we can make a really big difference.”

Ms. Powell has taken over from Mrs. Jan Shaw as head of the Saltus Green Team and is helping S4 students set up a square foot garden. Parents and staff who wish to join the Green Team at Saltus should email

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