Academics Overview

Curriculum at Saltus

Children come into the world equipped with stunning mental and emotional capacities. Our job, at Saltus, is to guide each child toward their strongest selves by providing a caring, inclusive, safe, respectful environment with lots of learning stimulation. 
The programme at Saltus provides authentic learning opportunities for children to explore the world around them while meeting high academic standards. We strive to differentiate learning for our students based on their learning style or specific need within the programme. Students have the opportunity within their classes to work independently or collaboratively depending on the learning activity taking place.
Critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and innovation are all integral skills and attributes we want our Saltus students to learn and be very comfortable with as we strive to meet our Mission and Vision.  Our world-class facilities are tailored to support students and include spacious classrooms and design studios, modern science labs, collaboration spaces, outdoor play areas, a state-of-the-art design technology lab, fitness suite and gymnasium, drama studio and black box theatre.

The backbone of any powerful and effective academic programme is the expertise, character and commitment of its faculty. Saltus teachers are research practitioners and, as a School, we understand the value of supporting and growing our faculty. Just as we encourage our students to be lifelong learners, we also model this trait in our community to continuous professional learning and development with our faculty.

We are committed to being an inclusive community and explore this not only through what we teach and how we teach but also by making space for a multitude of voices, experiences and perspectives. At Saltus, we embrace a culture of respect for everything each of our community members bring to the table.

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