Academics Overview

Lower Primary

Our Programme:
  • The Devonshire campus is designed to support and nurture our youngest learners from Foundation Year to Year 2. Classrooms continually grow and change in reflection of the children who are in them, along with their interests and curiosities.
  • The Lower Primary curriculum is Reggio-inspired with teaching methodologies that put the child’s interest and inquiry at the forefront. At Saltus, we believe that each child is unique, curious, full of wonder, and a capable learner. 
  • The Foundation Year programme is designed to create a foundation for every child’s educational journey with clearly defined goals and outcomes which are developmentally appropriate for their age. 
  • At Saltus, we celebrate diversity of thought and provide our Lower Primary students time and space to master competencies like critical thinking and effective communication.
  • The learning spaces are flexible and open to allow for a rich variety of individual and collaborative learning experiences as evidenced through documentation and classroom displays.
  • The extensive outdoor spaces ensure that our students are always active through sports, play and exploration.