Academics Overview

Middle School

Our Programme:
  • The programme in Middle School is student-centred, responsive, developmentally appropriate with a focus on Social & Emotional learning.
  • The inquiry-based curriculum prepares students for life beyond Saltus which includes but it is not limited to problem solving, communication, and critical thinking.
  • At Saltus, we ensure both academic excellence and student engagement through a combination of both internal and external measurements, benchmarking our curriculum against internationally recognised standards.
  • The teachers at Saltus embody our culture of learning & professional development.
  • Students are given opportunities for real world learning and are encouraged to explore, test, and refine across all areas of our curriculum.
  • Areas of the Middle School curriculum include core subjects (English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Physical Education), as well as specialised subjects (Visual Art, Music, Public Speaking, Computing, Design Technology and Drama).
  • There is a responsive and connected Advisory programme builds a sense of community within small groups.
  • There is a focus on team building, mindfulness, agency, study skills, decision making and ethical citizenship. By using a Restorative Justice approach, we also seek to build the students’ toolkit to ensure they become resilient and learn from their mistakes.
  • The scheduled ‘flex’ period allows for more time to be given to building intra-personal skills and to providing extra curricular opportunities for the students.