Upper Primary

Each phase of the Primary Programme – Foundation, Lower Primary and Upper Primary - honours the developmental stage that all children share at these ages, while acknowledging individual strengths and personalities.

Through the Upper Primary Years at Saltus (Years 3-6), children grow in knowledge, confidence and character, preparing for the next all-important step. The programme is developed based on three guiding principles:

1. Respect the Power of a Child’s Mind
Their ability to figure things out and drive their learning through imaginative inquiry is encouraged to master key concepts and skills.

2. Relationship between Teacher and Learner
The teacher/student connection is one of the most powerful keys to a child’s success. This fact demands that Saltus maintains the highest standards in its faculty selection and development.

3. Connection to the Community
At every stage and level of the Saltus programme, we open the windows to a world of learning beyond Saltus and stress the importance of a global mindset, as well as connecting to our community at home.