Inter-House Sports

Saltus has an extensive inter house programme from Upper Primary to SGY2 which dates back to the late 1800's. At the very first Sports Day on March 20th, 1883 Princess Louise presented the Victor Ludorum trophy to the champion boy. Much has changed since then however; the vision of providing a diverse extra curriculum programme still exists. The four houses of Butterfield (green), Darrell (blue), Saltus (red) and Watlington(yellow) compete in a variety of sporting events, academic challenges and school wide competitions throughout the year. At the end of each year the points are totaled and the winning house is awarded the Nichol Shield.

These events are:
  • Soccer (January)
  • Cross Country (February)
  • Track and Field /Sports Day (April/May)
  • Softball (June)
  • Swimming (June)
  • Cricket (Year 5/6 only) - June
2020 Sports Day

We are excited for the upcoming 2020 Sports Day. Please find all the information regarding events and timetables:

2020 Schedule of Events
2020 Meet Program: Day 1 
2020 Meet Program: Day 2 
2020 Inter House Track and Field Meet