University Prep

Students at Saltus excel in their lives at university and beyond, because they are well-prepared. That is not simply a question of mastering academic subjects, but it also means the growth, maturity, resilience, and confidence that must accompany academic success. We support each student’s individual journey in a variety of ways, from students who might experience challenges in specific areas, to literacy and numeracy support, supporting exam preparation at all levels.

Our students’ graduation is dependent on continual assessment and a series of end of year exams. Our programme has proven successful in preparing our students for post secondary education, with 100% of our graduates gaining acceptance to their first or second choice of university/college.

SGY - The Saltus Graduate Year Programme is a two year programme (founded 1977/revised 2005) equivalent to North American high school grades 11/12). All students complete subject exams at the end of both SGY 1 and 2. In SGY 1 there are three grading periods. In SGY 2, there are two grading periods and the examination period begins in term three.

Advanced Placement (AP) - Advanced Placement curriculum and exams, designed and tested by College Board, are equivalent to a first year college/university course and exam in a particular subject. AP exams are typically completed in May/June of a student’s graduating year, however English Language, Microeconomics, Physics 1, and AP Seminar are available at the end of SGY 1.

Alternative Exams —College Level Examinations (CLEP) are also offered for students studying courses for which there is no AP exam. In the UK the A-Level examinations are used to set conditions for entry to UK universities and can be arranged.