Overview of the Saltus Graduate Years (S12 & S13)

The Saltus Graduate Years (SGY) is a two-year programme that covers the last two years of high school (Saltus Years 12 and 13, the equivalent of North American Grades 11 and 12) and provides high quality preparation for placement in higher and further education.  It does this by offering:

  • A flexible curriculum, designed to meet individual needs and interests

  • Courses designed to go beyond the secondary level, including the internationally recognised Advanced Placement courses for students with an appropriate preparation and aptitude

  • The opportunity to develop skills in English and Mathematics at a level commensurate with individual ability

  • The choice of electives from a broad range of subjects

  • An enrichment programme which includes college and career guidance, as well as skills for living

It has as its foundation the Advanced Placement Programme (AP) of the College Board. Saltus has led the way in college preparatory courses in Bermuda, and has offered Advanced Placement since 1974.This prestigious programme covers work at the level of first-year university courses and offers students the opportunity to gain college-level skills in a high school setting. More students take AP examinations worldwide than any other exam.

Success in the AP exams can earn placement, credit or both in many North American universities, as well as in universities in 28 other countries.

It is compulsory for students to take a course in Mathematics and a course in English.  Students must also choose four other subjects from the course list and Physical Education and Life Skills/Community Service are included as part of the curriculum. Most of the SGY courses are designed as two-year courses. It is assumed that a student starting a two-year course will take the same course in SGY 2 and, where applicable, sit the AP Examination.

There is opportunity for students taking courses in which there is no Advanced Placement examination to sit United Kingdom Advanced Level examinations. Assessment in the Graduate Years Programme is continuous. Marks from each grade period, as well as from the internal examinations, are used to determine grades that are recorded on school transcripts, as well as to calculate class rank. These are important indicators of potential for university admissions officers.







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