"Drama is one of my favorite subjects and always has been, I like the fact that it's a time and place where we can easily express ourselves and expand on any acting skills we have. Even for others who don't want to pursue it, it's very beneficial as it gives you speech-making skills and allows you to get used to speaking in front of an audience and being comfortable with yourself."

- Katie Witkowski SGY

Drama Club

As part of the extra-curricular program at Saltus, we run a Middle Division Drama Club. This takes place once a week at lunchtime. Participating in Drama Club allows the students the opportunity to work on the performance of a play text or devised piece with their peers, outside of the classroom. The Drama Club has performed a variety of pieces including 'Teechers' by Jon Godber and 'Our Day Out' by Willy Russell. Students who enjoy Drama relish the opportunity to work towards a performance that is not based on grades but is shown to an audience of peers, parents and staff in the summer term. This year (2011-2012) the Drama Club will be preparing for the performance of Dylan Thomas's 'Under Milk wood'.

Bermuda Schools Shakespeare Festival

The annual Bermuda Shakespeare School's Festival is an event that enables local high school students to perform abridged versions of William Shakespeare's plays in a professional theatre setting. Saltus has participated for the last 3 years putting forward performances of 'A Midsummer night's Dream', 'Hamlet' and 'Romeo and Juliet'. Students in S10 through to SGY are encouraged to audition for a role in the festival. Saltus students have been praised for their enthusiasm, focus and polished performances during this event by the adjudicators. Any student who participates in the festival is offered a workshop with a professional from the theatre industry and the chance to apply for a festival scholarship that can be used towards courses in the performing arts.

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The Annual Production

The School Production is an annual extra-curricular event for the Performing Arts Department at Saltus Secondary Division.

The School Production gives students from S8-SGY2 the opportunity to work in a real team environment with their peers and others outside of their year group. Participating results in developing social skills, time management, balancing academic and extra-curricular activities and aiming for a unified goal.

In addition the students develop their creativity, understanding and performance skills for acting, singing and dancing.

Above all the School Production is an opportunity for the students to show case the talent and enthusiasm that we have for the performing arts at Saltus.

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"Drama club is definitely a highlight from my time here in the Middle Division. It offers so many unique experiences to perform as characters you would not normally portray in drama class. It's an interesting time where we can all release our inner comedian or take a stab at being dramatic! And the performance choices are always something to be excited about!"

- Jessica Petty S9


"Drama club was an interesting experience. Along with every other drama based activity it helped broaden my horizons on the different styles of theatre. The most memorable performance would be 'Our Day Out'. With a theatre in the round, it helped more grow more, as an actor and a person."

- Nicholas Bergquist SGY


"Every year there is always a different type of production. Last year was a play the students themselves wrote. This year we are doing High School Musical. What is great about the play is that I am only in year 8 and I have quite a big part! The parts of the production are always open to young and older students. The dancing, singing, and performing is amazing! Last year for the school play all I heard from people was that it was amazing, creative, and wonderful!"

-Megan Zimmerer S8 


"Drama club and the school productions are very similar, but luckily provide two different opportunities for full productions, and they are usually of very different genres which is a lot of fun to do. I really love drama and the entire course and school productions have only made my love for it stronger, they have helped me realize that it's something I want to pursue in life."

- Katie Witkowski SGY


"I especially love the concepts and choices of the school production. This year it's High School Musical, I particularly enjoy this choice as I believe it is a popular play that everyone will be looking forward too! The participation level is high, but worth it!" 

- Jessica Petty S9

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