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We are pleased to share the list of afterschool clubs that are going to be offered this term.  We are also introducing a new electronic (Wufoo) sign-up system which we hope you will find much easier and more reliable.  All you have to do is select the club of choice by clicking on the link below. Please remember that spaces are limited and when the club is full you will receive a message that says, ‘There was a problem with your submission’ and ‘Sorry, but this form is no longer accepting submissions.’  If this message is received you will need to select another club.
Club activities will begin on Tuesday 20th January and will end on Friday 13th March 2015 from 3.20pm – 4.20pm unless otherwise stated.   Please note the deadline for club sign-up is 14th January 2015.

Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Teacher

S5/S6 Recorder

  11:50am -12:30pm
S5/S6 Choir

S3 Recorder

S3/S4 Choir

  Mrs. Fox

S3/S4 iPad Club

      Mrs. Conway


Chess Club
  Mr. Scanlon
Knitting Club

Mrs. Doughty



Girls Rule Club
  Mrs. Shrubb

Indoor Gym
Games Club

  Mr. Scott



iPad Tech
Leaders' Club

Ms. Dowdell
 Cross Country         Mrs. Hopkins/Mr. Todd


How to Register

To register for the Monday S5/S6 Recorder Club (8:00-8:30am) with Mrs. Fox click the link below

To register for the Tuesday S3/S4 iPad Club (3:20-4:20pm) with Mrs. Conway click the link below https://saltus.wufoo.com/forms/k1wydf2d1xg5t4s/

To register for the Wednesday S5/S6 Choir (11:50-12:30pm) with Mrs. Fox click the link below

To register for the Thursday S3 Recorder (8:00-8:30am) with Mrs. Fox click the link below

To register for the Thursday S3/S4 Choir (12:10-12:40pm) with Mrs. Fox click the link below

To register for the Thursday S3-S6 Chess Club (3:20-4:20pm) with Mr. Scanlon click the link below

To register for the Thursday S4-S6 Knitting Club (3:20-4:20pm) with Mrs. Doughty click the link below

To register for the Thursday S4-S6 Girls Rule Club (3:20-4:20pm) with Mrs. Shrubb click the link below

To register for the Thursday S3/S6 Indoor Gym Games Club (3:20-4:20pm) with Mr. Scott click the link below

To register for the Friday IPad Tech Leaders Club (3:20-4:20pm) with Ms. Dowdell click the link below
*(Students who join this club will be expected to train other small groups of students and adults. We are look for students who love to create using iPads!)

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