Student Life
Safety and Health

First Aid Facility

Services provided by the First Aid Facility

  • Individual health planning for those with serious health issues
  • Assessing all students healthcare needs
  • Triage and first aid, first responder in emergencies, and advise EMTs
  • Provide confidential advice and referrals
  • Workshops and education of students on health related matters
  • Collaborate to improve school safety. Safety and Health committee member
  • Collaborate to improve staff wellness. Staff Wellness committee member
  • Liaison with doctors offices, government health departments, hospital, nutrition services and other health departments to provide optimal care
  • Monitoring and surveillance of communicable diseases
  • Mandatory reporting of abuse
  • Educating and advising staff on how to treat illness and injury
  • Assist outside agencies, eg Dental services, Open Airways, Diabetes Centre, Healthy school programmes etc.
  • Health promotion and preventative focus, includes hygiene, STIs, sun safety, nutrition, menstruation, general wellness
  • Promotes and implements strategies for an effective anti bullying environment to ensure the wellbeing of students
  • Assist the School Counsellor
  • Resource person for staff, parents, students on all Health related matters
  • Ensure faculty are aware of and carry out school health policies
The school’s dedicated First Aid Facility and nurses office is located at the St. John's Road campus, conveniently situated between Upper Primary and Senior School. It is staffed by a qualified and experienced nurse and is extremely well equipped.

Here, as well as at the Lower Primary campus, there is a comfortable room for students to recover/await pick up or be isolated and an office area for health education. The school nurse can be reached on 292-6177 x 6240/ 505-9300 for urgent matters and by email.