Primary Curriculum

Saltus Primary Department consists of three stages:- Foundation, Key Stage One (S1 and S2) and Key Stage 2 (S3 – S6). At the Foundation Stage key learning skills such as speaking and listening, social interaction and cooperation are integral parts of instruction as students are prepared to enter a more formal structure in Key Stage 1.  At Key Stages 1 and 2 each subject has a programme of study which identifies what students should be taught as well as a set of attainment targets which outline the expected performance standards.  Each attainment target has eight levels plus a final level for exceptional performance.  At each stage students are provided with support as needed so that they have a positive experience in a nurturing and student-centered environment. 


  • At Saltus, we believe that a coherent, engaging and effective curriculum requires clear mapping both within and across grade levels.  We pride ourselves on being innovative in curriculum development and are pleased to share our curriculum with parents as equal stakeholders in the educative process.  Please click on the ATLAS link below to browse our curriculum maps.

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