Frequently Asked Questions

List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • How many students attend Saltus?

    We have 835 students who represent 25 different countries from around the world.
  • What is the average class size at Saltus?

    Average class sizes vary from 18-22 students depending on the year group. Typically Saltus offers three (3) classes/groupings per year group in our Primary Department, each with a full time classroom teacher who is supported by teaching assistants as well as specialty subject teachers.  Class sizes vary in Middle and Senior school depending on subject.
  • When is the best time to apply to Saltus?

    Our school year starts in September and we have a rolling admissions process so consider applications throughout the year, as long as there are spaces available.

    As a general process, Primary (FY-Y6) applications are reviewed October through January and Middle/Senior (Y7-SGY2) applications are reviewed January through March. 
  • Does Saltus offer Financial Assistance?

    Yes! There are many financial opportunities available to attend Saltus and we encourage people to apply. There are limited awards offered in Primary and more opportunities available in Middle/Senior. The application process for financial consideration includes a completed FAST application. For more information, visit: Tuition and Financial Aid
  • What curriculum does Saltus follow?

    The Saltus curriculum is based on research, best practice and blends elements of the most respected and current curricula available from around the world.  It is primarily based on North American and UK practices. We embrace the diversity of our school community and aim to provide Saltus students with learning experiences that are relevant and engaging while maintaining a core of academic excellence.
    Saltus focuses on a Reggio inspired curriculum of inquiry-based learning at the Primary School level and has built a culture of age-appropriate experiential and competency-based learning practices throughout its curriculum as students’ progress through Upper Primary and Middle School. At the Senior School level, a flexible approach which includes both internal and Advanced Placement (AP) courses helps to prepare Saltus students for a variety of post-secondary opportunities.
  • What are the COVID-19 policies at Saltus?

    Saltus adheres to the restrictions that are mandated by the Bermuda Department of Health. These are reviewed and updated regularly through SaltusLive, our parent portal.
  • How many qualified teachers are working at Saltus?

    We have 90 qualified teachers and 60 support staff.
  • What are the schools’ operating hours?

    Saltus has two campuses dedicated to educating our students. Both campuses open between 7:45am and 8:00am with regular classes ending between 2:50pm and 3:30pm daily.  For an additional charge, afterschool care is provided until 5:30pm. Many extra-curricular activities are also hosted on our campuses after-school and on weekends.
  • Which universities do Saltus students typically attend?

    Saltus students are routinely accepted at their first-choice universities around the world and also report success in their transition to post-secondary learning environments, living independently, and mastering the academic challenges of university programmes.  Click here for a full list of universities attended by Saltus graduates in the last five years.
  • Why does Saltus fundraise?

    Fundraising is essential to providing expanded opportunities in education for the Saltus Community. Like most independent schools, Saltus relies on fundraising through the ‘Saltus Fund’ to realise the difference between the actual cost of a Saltus education and tuition.  This unrestricted funding from our donors allows Saltus to provide Financial Assistance opportunities and supports our academic, athletic, and arts programmes ensuring the Saltus experience is diverse, collaborative, and innovative. Fundraising also ensures that Saltus employees move forward in their quest to be lifelong learners which impacts the educational experience of each and every student at Saltus.