Meet the Head of School

Meet Julie Rousseau, Head of School

As I enter my second year as Head of School at Saltus, I am pleased to share with you what Saltus has to offer. At Saltus, we believe that our strength lies within our community. Our students, dedicated educators, supportive parents, and accomplished alumni form a powerful partnership that enriches the educational experience of every student. Together, we are proud of the caring learning environment we have created where curiosity is celebrated, resilience is nurtured, and where a learning mindset is continuously empowered.

We know that it is imperative that schools today equip students with the necessary skills to thrive in an ever-evolving world. We know that we are not just shaping young minds; we are empowering individuals to thrive in a rapidly changing world where adopting a love for lifelong learning is the key to success. We believe that the transformative power of learning extends beyond textbooks, where the exchange of knowledge is a shared endeavour, and where the pursuit of excellence knows no bounds.

We are excited for the year ahead where we will be pursuing our certification as a British Columbia Offshore School with the aim to implement the BC Curriculum starting in September 2024 for grades K-9. Each year, graduates receiving BC’s Dogwood Diploma are accepted to top universities around the world.

Saltus is looking forward to building upon the strengths of its existing programme to provide our students with a curriculum that is learner-centered and flexible while also supporting deeper learning that enables students to inquire about the world, learn from experience, and apply their learning to everyday life. 

We look forward to sharing our journey with you and invite you to come and explore the myriad ways in which our innovative curriculum, our passionate educators, and the boundless enthusiasm of our students make the Saltus difference. 


Julie Rousseau
Head of School

About Julie Rousseau

Julie has enjoyed being an educator for the past 33 years. After completing her Bachelor in Education at McGill University in 1990, she moved from Montreal to British Columbia. Proud of her French Canadian heritage, she honed her second language instructional skills teaching French to students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 12. After 16 years as a classroom teacher, she completed her Masters in Educational Leadership which led to her career as a school-based administrator. 

From school-based administration, Julie moved to district-level leadership and served as Director of Curriculum for the Abbotsford School District located in the Fraser Valley of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. As Director of Curriculum, she oversaw the development and implementation of various instructional programmes serving students from Foundation to graduation years. Julie also played an active role in the development and implementation of the Provincial BC Curriculum in her school district. 

As an instructional leader  she facilitated the training of professional learning communities aimed at supporting the implementation of BC’s new curriculum. Under her leadership, the Abbotsford School District became a leader in the implementation and development of various innovative programs focused on inquiry and discovery-based learning. 

After 25 years in public education, Julie transitioned into the private education sector. In 2017, she became Head of School at York House School, one of Canada’s top independent schools for girls in Vancouver, BC. While at York House School, Julie further supported the implementation of the BC Curriculum, placing students at the center of their learning and ensuring the development of important future-ready skills. 

In 2022, Julie became Head of School at Saltus Grammar School. Since her arrival, she has focused on creating a supportive and dynamic learning and working environment for all where students and employees alike feel valued and empowered to succeed. As a certified executive coach, she believes in the power of organizational coaching to help unleash the potential of educators and staff. As a leader she places an emphasis on building relationships with students, parents, and employees alike believing strongly in Maya Angelou’s quote, “People may not remember what you said or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”