Meet the Head of School

Hello and welcome to Saltus!

I hope you can sense the energy as you tour through our online experience. This is an exciting moment for Saltus – even more than usual. We are at the beginning of a new strategic plan - The Keyand have identified areas of focus designed to reinvigorate our entire programme.

Our goal is pretty straightforward – the relentless pursuit of a superior education – one that prepares our students for today’s challenges and ensures that they can stand tall among the best and brightest from anywhere in the world.

Bermuda is unique in many ways, and one which affects us particularly is that most of our students will leave the island to pursue education at the post-secondary level. That means our graduates will end up in universities from London to Edinburgh, Montreal to New York, Paris to Switzerland.

There is such a diversity of options that we have become experts at operating within a global context in all that we do – from the curriculum to the diversity of students and teachers, to instilling a global perspective through travel, technology and innovative learning opportunities.

We look forward to welcoming you in person. Come by for a tour and find out firsthand, what Saltus can offer you.