The programme at Saltus is multi-dimensional and designed to enhance critical thinking skills, an ethical mindset, creativity and a healthy body and mind. The setting is full of life, energy, fresh air and freedom – all of which is conducive to students feeling refreshed and eager to engage in the wonder of learning.

We have earned a reputation for a superior academic experience that prepares students well for the challenges of universities the world over. With solid foundations in all of the key academic streams, Saltus goes further to provide the necessary innovations that comprise a 21st century learning environment. We harness the power of the whole individual in their learning journey. That includes the creative spirit, resilience, collaboration, honour, compassion, inclusivity, and thoughtful risk-taking.

From Foundation Year right through to Saltus Graduate Years (SGY), our programme flows seamlessly across all ages and stages of development.

Portrait of a Graduate

At Saltus, we are dedicated to guiding our students through an enriching learning journey from the early years through to graduation. Reaching beyond the knowledge and future-ready skills they will acquire, we empower our graduates to develop a love for learning, intellectual curiosity, and the academic and social confidence required to chart their bright future. 

With these mindsets as their foundation, a Saltus graduate is equipped with the competencies to become:

- A GLOBAL CITIZEN who embraces the diversity of culture, language, and values within their local and wider community and whose curiosity empowers them to make a positive impact.

- A SKILLFUL COMMUNICATOR who is empathetic, listens actively, speaks purposefully and creates meaningful connections.

PERSISTENT in the face of adversity, showing strength and perseverance in order to achieve their goals.

- An ADAPTABLE AND FLEXIBLE LEARNER who thinks creatively, seeks and considers multiple viewpoints, and is equipped to approach complex problems confidently.

- A CRITICAL THINKER whose intellectual curiosity prepares them to navigate a fast paced, ever changing world.