BC Curriculum

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The BC Curriculum: Paving the Way for Student Success

Saltus is dedicated to ensuring that Saltus students, from Foundation through to graduation, have the best educational journey and a well-established path to success. In September of 2024, Saltus is poised to transition to the BC Curriculum.

Since 1888, Saltus Grammar School has earned a reputation as one of Bermuda’s most progressive private schools. Today, we know that student success extends far beyond the pages of textbooks. Students need to know themselves, understand the diverse perspectives of others, develop strong communication and collaboration skills, and apply their knowledge to find solutions to real-world problems. 

The BC Curriculum provides Saltus with an internationally recognised curriculum focused on developing foundational literacies, social and emotional competencies, and the future-ready skills that will equip our students to thrive in their post-secondary studies and beyond. 

Our graduates will also have the added assurance that Dogwood Diploma recipients are accepted to prestigious universities in the UK, Canada, the United States, and throughout the world.

For more information about the BC Curriculum please visit their website.

Our teachers have been working hard to prepare for the switch to the BC Curriculum. Watch the video below and hear what they have to say!
Key Benefits of the BC Curriculum:
  • Strong focus on numeracy and literacy 
  • Academic rigour leading to top performance in national and international assessments
  • Interdisciplinary learning across subjects for a more holistic understanding
  • Emphasis on developing skills for real-world application
  • Personalised teaching methods to meet diverse student needs
  • Integration of technology for enhanced learning 
  • Career exploration from Kindergarten through Graduation
  • Opportunities for international student exchange 
  • Complementary to our Reggio-inspired primary curriculum and Advanced Placement courses
  • Clear graduation requirements via an 80-credit system 
  • The Dogwood Diploma is accepted at leading global universities 
Quality Assurance:
  • Accountability measures such as regular monitoring and annual inspections ensure a quality learning experience for all students
  • Ministry-guided and research-based updates keep the curriculum relevant to the changing needs of students, society, and the workforce
  • BC Offshore School educators require a Teacher Certificate
  • Educators guided by nine Professional Standards