Senior Boys Volleyball Tournament

The senior boys volleyball tournament was held on Friday, 24 november 2018, at MSA. Saltus entered 3 teams, with 25 boys representing the school.
There were 6 teams and everyone played each other in the preliminary rounds. The top two teams then went on to play in the final, best two out of three games.

SALTUS 3 (our youngest team) played well throughout and finished with 1 win and 4 losses:
  • Vs CBA won 25-18
  • Vs WA lost 9-25
  • Vs SAL 1 lost 13-25
  • Vs SAL 2 lost 26-24
  • Vs MSA lost 25-16
Team members were: Kian Mooney (Captain), Jaden Malpas, Noah Simons, Trent Harris, Daniel Osset, Matthew Ingelman, Zander Miller and Somers Mello.

SALTUS 2 also played well and improved throughout the tournament, finishing 3rd with 3 wins and 2 losses:
  • Vs MSA won 25-23
  • Vs WA lost 15-25
  • Vs SAL 1 lost 11-25
  • Vs SAL 2 won 26-24
  • Vs CBA won 25-0
Team members were: Aidan McPhail (Captain), Kaleo Place, Erik Frederick, Jacob Matthews, Alex Southern, Evan Washington, Victor Capilitto, Owen Decosta and Dimitri Jackson.

SALTUS 1 were on fire in the round robin, finishing with a 5 win 0 loss record. They then went on the play WA in a very exciting final but unfortunately lost 2 games to 0.
  • Vs MSA won 25-15
  • Vs CBA won 25-8
  • Vs SAL 3 won 25-13
  • Vs SAL 2 won 25-11
  • Vs WA won 25-20
  • FINAL vs WA lost 25-22/ 25-22
Team Members were in PICTURE attached: back row, L-R: Connor Somerville (Captain), Cameron Coffey, Tyler Hurdle, Ben Edwards, Schyler Smith.
Front row L-R: George Buckley, Cody Richardson, Matthew Pichery.

We would like to thank Mrs. Somerville for her dedication and commitment to all of these boys, who trained two nights a week and Saturday afternoons. We would also like to thank Mr. Sinclair for his expertise in helping with their success.

Out of 25 boys who played this year, only 11 had played organized volleyball in the past. SALTUS 1 had only 3 players who had played before and so to win the round robin, we feel this is a testament to the coaching staff.

The girls’ tournament is Friday November 30th at MSA at 4 pm. We would love for all to come out and support!