Project Base Learning - Highlight Year 5

Saltus Year 5 students recently completed an exciting Project-Based Learning exhibition to showcase their learning. The project answered the driving question: “How did I survive the wreck of the ‘Sea Venture’ to live on Bermuda?”
The project was launched with a field trip to St. George’s to visit the Heritage Museum and the replica of ‘The Deliverance’. Students then researched what life would have been like for the survivors and what they would have needed. They created individual Survival Guides using a range of formats including posters, booklets, videos and digital books. These were shared with History students from the Middle School who were impressed by the student’s knowledge.
The next part of the process was to collaborate in groups to design and build something that the settlers would need. Several groups created shelters using natural materials that would have been available on the island and things that could have been salvaged from the ship. Other groups made tools, clothes, water-catchers and a raft. These projects took several weeks to complete and involved working together, requiring skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, consensus and communication.
Students were keen to share these projects with their parents and special guests in an exhibition on Tuesday 27th. November 2018. This was a vibrant occasion with much excitement as students shared their work, their thoughts and their learning in their final product.
Throughout the process students reflected on their learning, their challenges and successes, demonstrating key understanding of the trials the settlers would have faced in order to survive.