It's Electric!

The year 4 classes are in the middle of doing their Electricity Project-Based Learning project. Their driving question for this project is: How can we as energy experts persuade the Saltus family (staff, students, parents) to reduce their electricity usage?

The students created their own interview/survey questions and were broken into 4 research groups: Secondary school, Lower Primary, Upper Primary, and home. They conducted interviews researching questions such as: what room do you think uses the most electricity, inquiry about the use of our solar panels.

Students have analyzed the Saltus electricity bills and are currently monitoring the solar panel website. They have had a visit from Belco and a visit from Paul Whright in Secondary to discuss Electricity in Bermuda and at Saltus. They created persuasive posters to put around the school and at home, in hopes to reduce and our electricity bill for the month of March (and the future). They will be monitoring and checking in with their departments to encourage both students/staff/parents to reduce electricity!