Worldwide Math Results - Caribou

Over the past few months, hundreds of our students have been competing in the Caribou Mathematics Competition, which is a worldwide online contest competed against thousands of students all over the world.

The goals of this competition are to:
  • Show that mathematical puzzles can be fun and that competing in math contests with interactive questions is exciting.
  • To improve student's problem solving techniques by providing a wide variety of challenging math activities suitable for all students in grades 3-12.
We have had some extraordinary results thus far and here are some students who deserve notable mention for their achievements in the most recent contest:
  • Year 7 - Evan Lipschutz, Alex Lefebvre, Camilo Legere, and Sophia Jaworski came in the top 2%, 5%, 6% and 10% in the world respectively (over 12000 students)
  • Year 8 – Sam Dallas, Top Scorer from Saltus for year group
  • Year 9 – Finley Fox, Top Scorer from Saltus for year group
Congratulations to all of those that took part, and I hope each student will try and improve on their previous result/s.

A reminder to students that the top 3 students from each participating year group and the most improved student will receive a reward of a grub day. Also the top 3 students at the end of the contest in May will receive certificates and prizes. Good luck!