Historic WIN for Saltus - BSSF Inter-school Track and Field Championship

SALTUS won the senior school track & field championships for the first time in recent memory, and records kept falling.

RECORDS on Day 2 - Za’Kayza Parsons continued her winning ways on the track, with gold medals in the 100m and 200m finals. She lowered her own 200m record that she broke in the heats the day before, and which qualified her for Carifta!!

Chayce Tanner continued on from Thursday with wins in the 100m and 200m, lowering the 200m record he broke in the heats.

Nirobi Smith Mills, lowered the 400m record that he broke in the heats, after being pushed by Sancho Smith to the finish. His time of 50.87 secs also broke the BSSF record set last year. Nirobi also won the 800m and 1,500m.

Ywione Darrell tied Neil Figureido’s record from 2015, in the under 16 boys triple jump with a leap of 12.39m, to win gold.

SALTUS also won three of the four age group champion awards.

Za’Kayza was crowned CHAMPION GIRL in the under 16 division, with wins and Saltus records in the 100m, 200m and long jump events. Koa Goodchild, tied for 3rd with 2 2nd place finishes in the 1,500m and 800m and a 5th in the 400m.

In the under 16 boys division, Nirobi and Chayce tied for Champion boy. Nirobi was gold in the 400m, 800m and 1,500m, while Chayce won gold in the 100m, 200m and long jump. Tommy Marshall was 4th in the age group Champions race with a gold in the 3000m, and bronze medals in the 1,500m and 800m events. Saltus won ALL of the track events in this age group, between these three boys.

Ashley Irby was crowned co-Champion girl in the over 16 division with gold medals in the 1,500m and 3000m, and a silver in the 800m. Ashley has won Champion girl each year she has participated.

In the over 16 boys division, Cameron Coffey was runner up champion, with gold medals in the discus and javelin and a bronze in the shot put.

Please see our other top 4 finishers below:

Under 16 GIRLS
100M – 4th Massassi Smith
200M – 4th Massassi Smith
400M – 4th Zemira Webb
800M – 3rd Emily Cabral, 4th Jade Johnston
1,500m – 4th Emily Cabral
JAVELIN – 4th Emily Hartwig
4 x 100m RELAY – 1st – Marli Butterfield, Massassi, Zemira and Za’Kayza  3rd – Danni, Koa, Emily C and Jade

Under 16 BOYS
Sancho – 1st high jump, 2nd 400m
Vishan Patton – 3rd triple jump
Max Blakeney – 4th triple jump
Caleb McDowall – 4th javelin
4 x 100m RELAY – 1st – Caleb, Chayce, Vincent Darrell, Sancho

Over 16 GIRLS
McKenna O’Donnell – 4th 400m
4 x 100m RELAY – 4th – Sydney Rego, Lindsey Pacheco, Jewell Cumberbatch, Mckenna

Over 16 BOYS
Jake Field – 2nd Shot Put, 3rd 200m
Scott Gilbertson – 4th 800m
Declan McKittrick – 3rd javelin
Christian Truran – 4th javelin
4 x 100m relay – 4th – Erik Frederick, Jake, Max Marshall, Schyler Smith   5th - Christian, Connor Somerville, Cody Richardson, Kevin Villanueva

Winning the championship was an amazing team effort. Students filled in for injured participants at the last minute or covered for others who did not show. Students also agreed to participate to “take one for the team.”  Full Results Available here

Congratualations to everyone!!