Day 2 - Middle School Track and Field Events

What started out as a beautiful day ended in torrential down pour.

Ramiah Brangman won the under 13 girls high point award with THREE gold medals in the 200m, 400m and 800m. Brangman broke the Saltus record in the 400m lowering the time from 1:04.16 to 1:03.15.

Alivia Venning was 3rd in the over 13 girls with a gold in the 1,500m, silver in the 400m and bronze in the 800m.

Honor Minors won bronze in the 200m.

Please find below a summary of events and top 10 placings:

Under 12 GIRLS
Ella Newton – 8th in the 1,500m
Grace Rothwell – 9th in the 1,500m

Under 13 GIRLS
Caitlin Coleman – 5th in 1,500m
Sydney Fischer – 7th in 1,500m
Ramiah Brangman – gold medals in 200m, 400m and 800m

Over 13 GIRLS
Honor Minors – bronze medal in 200m, and 4th in the 400m
Caitlyn Brodie – 5th in 200m and 800m
Lauren Cardwell – 6th in turbo javelin
Alivia Venning – gold in 1,500m, silver in 400m, bronze in 800m

Under 12 BOYS
Charles Reiss – 7th in 400m, 8th in 800m, 6th in 1,500m
Henry Kerr – 8th in 1,500m
Tristan Robinson – 7th in Long Jump
Essien Binns – 10th in Long Jump
Phoenix Bowers – 5th in discus and 9th in Shot Put

Under 13 BOYS
Bakari Furbert – 4th in 1,500m and 6th in 800m
Nathan Decosta – 6th in turbo javelin
Keiaron Bean – 10th in turbo javelin

Over 13 BOYS
Jack Dallas – 4th in 1,500m, 10th in 800m and 7th in 400m
Simas Babeckas – 6th in 1,500m and 8th in 800m
Dante Hayward – 8th in Long Jump