Public Speaking Awards

More than a dozen Saltus students participated in the 6th annual Spring Debating and Public Speaking Tournament held recently. Schools from across the island and from Canada came together to compete from Thursday, March 21- Saturday March 23rd. There was fierce competition at this year’s event, which was hosted by BHS who did a fantastic job of organizing judges, volunteers and competitors.

Our middle school team competed in the Public Speaking aspect of the tournament on the Thursday and Friday evenings and presented themselves well against students from other schools in the Middle School category. Thank you to their dedicated coach, Briley Habib. Saltus students entered the Persuasive Speaking, Radio Newscast and Interpretative Reading categories and we were very proud of all of our competitors, especially Rachael who placed second in the Persuasive Speaking events.

Our senior school team were our veteran team who competed at IISPSC last October and were able to bring this skill and experience to the Spring Competition. While Giselle and Ywione had spent the majority of their time preparing for the cross examination event, it unfortunately wasn’t to be as there were no other teams signed up for that particular event. This didn’t slow down our seniors who were able to retool and shift their focus a week before the tournament to prepare for the Interpretative Reading instead.

This meant that our senior team competed in the Interpretative Reading, Radio Newscast and Impromptu Speaking events. Sam and Giselle did particularly well with Sam coming first in the Radio category and 2nd in Interpreative Reading while Giselle came second in the Impromptu speaking category. Sam was ranked as top overall speaking for this potion of the competition while Giselle ranked 3rd!

Saltus entered 2 teams for the debate portion of this tournament (held all day Saturday) aboth teams showed tremendous commitment in their preparations, the grit and determination displayed. Both teams included students who had never debated before and the topics were weighty ones. While neither team made it to finals both Giselle and Ywione were ranked as 2nd and 3rd overall debaters for this tournament.


Middle School Public Speaking Team:
Y8- Julia Jaramillo
Y8 – Rachel Hyland
Y8 -Leyla Ganal
Y9- Austin Dowling

Senior School Public Speaking Team
Y10- Sam Webel
Y11 – Giselle Concepcion
Y11 – Ywione Darrell

Senior School Debate Teams
Y10 -Vincent Darrell
Y11- Vishan Patton
Y11- Cameron Lucas
Y11 – Daniel Osset
Y11- Giselle Concepcion
Y11- Ywione Darrell

Public Speaking Awards:

Middle School Age Group
Persuasive Speaking:
2nd – Rachel Hyland

Senior School Age Group
2nd – Giselle Concepcion

1st – Sam Webel

Interpretive Reading:
2nd – Sam Webel
Senior Individual Overall:
3rd – Giselle Concepcion
1st – Sam Webel

Senior TEAM Overall winner:
1st – Saltus


Senior Individual Overall:
2nd – Giselle Concepcion
3rd – Ywionne Darrell