Primary Track and Field Finals

BSSF Primary Track and Field events were held at National Stadium. 24 students from Saltus qualified for the Primary Track and Field finals including 2 relay teams. 

Results are as follows:
  • Johnny Bart 1st place in Under 10 Ball Throw, 5th in High Jump
  • Zach McGuire 1st place in Over 10 Ball Throw
  • Connor Hupman 2nd in Under 10 Ball Throw, 4th in 400m
  • Ajana Patton 2nd in Under 9 Long Jump
  • Tom Hyland 2nd in Under 10 800m
  • Ben Porter 2nd in Over 10 Long Jump
  • Shaniyah Smith Daniels 3rd in Under 10 Long Jump, 4th in 100m, 4th in 200m
  • Brooke Castree 3rd in Over 10 Ball Throw
  • Feidhlim Carr 4th in the Mile
  • Tse Burgess 4th in the Mile
  • Cameron Porter 4th in Under 9 Ball Throw
  • Annie Dodwell 4th in Under 9 Ball Throw
  • Christian Piney 4th in Under 10 Long Jump
  • Tyler Coleman 5th in Over 10 800m
  • Luke Driscoll 5th in Under 10 High Jump
  • Isaac Todd 6th in Under 9 800m
  • Asha Dunleavy 7th in Over 10 Ball Throw
  • Under 9 Girls relay (Leilani, Mia, Kenzie and Ajana) 5th
  • Under 10 Boys relay (Declan, Jackson, Connor and Christian) 6th
Well done to all students who took part in Primary Track and Field Zones and Finals 2019.