Inquiry Based Learning - Year 5

In Term 2 at Saltus, Year 5 students were seeking to answer the driving question: “If we, as explorers, set out for the ‘new world’, what will we discover?” To do this students completed individual country projects, choosing a country from Central or South America and designing a poster to share their learning. They then found out more about the Aztec culture and made exhibits for a ‘pop-up museum’. Exhibits included models of the temples, Aztec masks, chinampas farming methods, weapons and many more items. These were displayed with information and parents and other VIPs were invited to attend. At the exhibition there were also Aztec food items to try, such as tortillas, popcorn, peppers, avocado and jalapenos! Students were able to speak clearly about their learning and reflect on their challenges and successes as well as answering questions about their projects.