World Book Day 2019

Tuesday 23rd April 2019 was ‘World Book Day’ and it was celebrated in style throughout the Saltus community. Teachers and staff were invited by the English Department to spend a short part of their lessons doing one of the following activities:

- read an extract from your favourite book as a child / teenager (Years 7 – SGY)
- read an extract from the book you’re reading at the moment (Year 11 and SGY)
- explain who your favourite character is from literature and what it is about them that makes them your favourite
- talk about your favourite author (either now or as a child/teenager) and what it is you like about the writer’s style
- talk about a book which disappointed you and what you would have liked to have been different
- talk about books and reading with the students

The Saltus Library also coordinated activities and students at Lower Primary participated in a pajama day to celebrate reading!