BTA Student Video Competition

The Bermuda Tourism Authority sponsored a student video competition in support of Bermuda Hospitality Month. The competition was open to M3 (Year 9) and high school students. The competition was entitled ‘A Day in the Life of a…’.

Students were required to create a video about the most unique hospitality job in Bermuda. Within the video, the students had to explain how the hospitality job appealed to the five senses – sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste.

On Wednesday, 1st May, Year 10 students Emily Cabral and Cody Robinson (accompanied by Dr. Squire) attended a reception at the Hamilton Visitor Services Centre on Front Street. All of the students who submitted videos were recognized for their work and the winner of the competition was announced.

Here is a reflection from Emily Cabral:

In one word…my experience of the Bermuda Hospitality presentation was engaging. I was happy to go there and experience what some of the tourists might experience when they’re in Bermuda. The facility was modern, accessible and easy to navigate around. I liked that the building had videos, Bermuda merchandise and a variety of brochures to help tourists find their way around the island. My friend Cody and I actually made a video of Bermuda and in my opinion, I think we did a great job with the fact that our resources were limited. The people that were in charge of the presentation were so polite, respectful and they really wanted to get to know more about us and our background- which I really appreciated. I think Bermuda Tourism Authority is doing a great job showing off the island’s natural beauty and uniqueness. I appreciated going to the presentation and look forward to going again.