Saltus Supports Reading Clinic Event

On Saturday 4th May 2019 eight Saltus students, as well as Therese Bean - Teacher of Drama and Media Studies, attended an event at the Chelston Estate in Paget for the Reading Clinic Mad Hatter's Ball fundraiser. The Reading Clinic helps children in Bermuda with literacy support and Cynthia Kenahan, event organiser, is a mother of two Saltus students. Ms. Kenahan attended our production of Alice in Wonderland in January and loved what she saw; she subsequently asked if the students could make a special appearance at the beginning of the event to welcome guests.

The students included India Paynter SGY1 (Queen of Hearts); Ywione Darrell Year 11 (King of Hearts); Giselle Concepcion Year 11(Alice); Samuel Webel Year 10 (substituting in as the Mad Hatter formerly Spencer Johnson); Samantha Soares Year 8 (substituting in as the White Rabbit formerly Zach Correia); and Chloe Bennett Year 8, Rory Lucas Year 8 and Bryanna Regier Year 8 as the playing cards.