All Saltus Final - BSSF Senior School CO-ED Softball Tournament

On Friday 17th May 2019, Saltus Whites won the Senior School Co-Ed Softball Tournament, defeating our Red Team 5-1 in the final. Each game consisted of 3 innings, or the mercy rule (if a team was winning by 10 or more runs at the bottom of the 2nd inning, then the game was won by that team).

In round robin play, Saltus Red’s defeated MSA B 5-0 in 2 ½ innings and then defeated BHS B (a combined BHS girls/MSA boys) team 12-2 in two innings. In their last game of round robin play they beat Warwick Academy 3-1.

In round robin play, Saltus White’s defeated MSA W 14-0 in 2 innings and then beat BHS G (a combined BHS girls/MSA boys team) 15-0 in 2 innings.

In the semi final Saltus Reds defeated BHS G 16-3 in 1 ½ innings (Saltus batted first to earn 16 runs, then BHS G batted to earn 1 run, and were sent back in to bat again). In the other semi final the Whites defeated WA 12-2 in two innings, to guarantee an all Saltus final.

In the final the younger RED team batted first scoring 1 run, with the WHITE team not scoring at all. In the 2nd inning Saltus REDS did not score, and the WHITES scored 5. The REDS did not score in the 3rd which meant the WHITES did not have to bat, winning the game and the championship in 2 ½ innings. Well done to all of the players.