Saltus Making a Difference

Congratualtions to Saltus on behalf of the Ocean Tech Board, who has selected Saltus as one of several domestic projects to receive free REMUS 100 use for a project to map the salinity and temperature variation due to the outfall of the reverse osmosis plant at Tyne’s Bay and its effect on the nearby reefs. The grant comes complete with two fully trained REMUS 100 pilots and technicians to support mission objectives.

The project will take place in September/October 2019 and will be conducted by senior school students taking a course in oceanography at Saltus. Students will assist the OceanTech staff to plan a surveying pattern to map an area of the waters around the outfall of the RO plant, conduct the study and process data.

In other environmental news, please visit the 'Young Observer'  link for more information on the fantastic initiatives conducted by the Saltus Eco Club.