Public Display on Bermuda History - Year 3

Year 3 classes at Saltus Upper Primary Department embarked on an inquiry project to learn more about ourselves, our family history and Bermuda. In this project, students researched the history of their home community and used primary source materials to learn about the experiences and perspectives of multiple community members (e.g., immigrants, colonists, enslaved people, people of different class backgrounds) in relation to particular events or places of significance. Students used what they learn to document and share the multiple (and sometimes conflicting) histories that coexist in their local community.

To help understand Bermuda’s vast history and gain various perspectives on historical events, students traveled to the Bermuda Archives, Bermuda Historical Society Museum and Commissioner’s House. Students and Teachers thoroughly enjoyed uncovering stories about Bermuda’s history and shared our knowledge with our family and peers during our Public Display on Friday 31st May 2019.