Saltus Students Produce eBooks - Year 7

Humanities, which encompasses both History and Geography, is not just about maps and text books.  Year 7 students at Saltus have been working on answering the inquiry question, ‘How can we use Bermuda’s African Diaspora Trail to diversify Bermuda’s Tourism?’

They started their project with an entry invent to Commissioner’s House in Dockyard. Students used camera’s to take practice their photography skills and completed a treasure hunt to find information about slavery in Bermuda. In class during the next month students learnt about the Butler Model to explain how Bermuda’s tourism has changed over time, completed a literature review of travel guides for children, carrying out risk assessments for their fieldwork, as well as learning information about the various locations on the UNESCO Diaspora Trail.

Recently, students have been given the opportunity to use the knowledge that they aquired in class. They visited St George’s on to investigate the sites mentioned in the trail and then designed and created their e-books. These e-books have been published online so that anyone in the world can come to Bermuda and find out about our slavery heritage.

Click on the student names below to see ebooks:

Mello, Tomas; Harrison, Hattie; Rothwell, Grace
Silvester, William; Rosorea, Ethan; Dallas, Sam; Kerr, Henry
Autmezguine, Abby; Newton, Ella; Burgess, Alexie; Davies, Erin
Cedenio, Giana; Southern, Nicky; Burchall, Keira; Jackson, Ceyarie
Pitt-Vimier, Jack; Wetmiller, Joseph; Ringsted, Felix; Brady, Cabral; Redburn, Ben
Piney, Marc; Smith, Dylan; Durfy, Reilly; Davidson, Matthew; Mora, Ethan
Cox, Andrew; Stevenson, Bert; Morrison, James
Lizzie Davidson; Simmons, Olivia; Evans, Isabella; Barroso, Danielle 
Gontcharov, Dimitri; Bowers, Phoenix; Robinson, Tristan; Leach, Daniel; Alfrey, Samuel
Charlie, Nathan, Zach, Charlie, Tristan
Binns, Essien; Bernard, Carter
Sangster, Dylan; Jean-Marie, Kijali; Johnson, Lewis; Currelly, Tristan
Stone, Oliver; Eve, Josiah; Brosnan, Zack; Adderly, Sawyer; Woloshyn, Walker
Davidson, Gwendolyn; Mooney, Ella, Mooney, Leah; Spurling, Stasia
Charlotte Hooks; Alyssa Walsh, Jordan Mello, Megan Willis