Saltus Teachers Receive World Class Training

In our quest to equip educators with the tools to fulfill the Saltus Vision - Inspiring Students to create a more just, fair, and sustainable world -
22 members of staff completed certification last week with the Director of the National School Reform Faculty, Michelle Mattoon who was on campus 17th-23rd May 2019.

“During the past academic year we have made a commitment to staff development and growth” says Christianna Dakin, Director of Curriculum at Saltus. “Part of our strategic plan focuses on both ensuring that we have a rigorous and engaging programme and that we are building capacity and leadership skills within our faculty.”

In September 2019 Michele Mattoon, was invited to work with the school’s Leadership Team and R&D Team leads. This training provided the staff with tools to use in relation to planning and evaluating both student and staff work with a focus on problem solving and idea generation within the framework / toolbox of ‘Critical Friend Groups’ protocols. The training also gave staff involved the chance to reinforce and deepen their collegiate relationships and forge new connections within the school. Critical Friend Groups help to create meaningful learning experiences for teachers and students by fostering effective collaboration and reflective practices.

On the foundation of this initial training, Michele Mattoon returned to complete the final stages of the certification for NSRF Critical Friends Group Coaches Training and to work with 15 additional Saltus Teachers from across many disciplines and grade levels throughout the school to build coaching capacity to use new Critical Friend Groups in the future. Saltus is committed to continue working with NSRF during the next academic year and to support faculty and staff through the growth of the Saltus learning community.