Saltus Students Excel in 2019 Exams

Advanced Placement

Our 2019 AP results were outstanding. Seventy-five senior students took a total of 196 of the high-level subject-based examinations, with 88% of the students scoring a 3 or higher (5 is the highest score). This is up 11% from the previous year when Saltus students ranked 16% higher than the global average for scores 3-5. A score of 3 is typically standard acceptance level as a subject credit in North American universities. The AP courses allow students to stand out in their university applications and enable them to accumulate university credits once they have taken their standardised tests.

Overall, 8 students achieved the prestigious designation of National AP Scholar and a further 5 were designated AP Scholar with distinction, 3 AP Scholar with Honors. An additional 13 students gained the designation of AP Scholar (2 of which were in SGY1).

Our top AP performers were: Jackson Spurling who gained eight 5s, one 4, and one 3 and will be studying Liberal Arts (finance) at Dartmouth College, USA. Cormac Sagurs achieved five 5s and one 4 and will be studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Southampton, UK. Kirk Stapff achieved four 5s, three 4s and one 3 and will be studying Computer Science at Oxford Brookes, UK. Spencer Johnson is studying at King’s College London, UK and achieved three 5s and two 4s. Jewell Cumberbatch is studying Animal Biology at the University of Guelph, CA and achieved three 5s, three 4s and one 3. Rynne Cash gained three 5s, four 4s and one 3 and has a place to study Finance and Business at Edinburgh University, UK.

We are equally proud of our iGCSE examination results this year. Over the course of the examination period, Year 11 students sat a combined total of 471 exams with 85% of these graded A*-C/9-4. This compares favorably to the UK figures of 67.3%. In addition to this, many of our students continue to achieve the top scores in the A*-A/9-7 range.

This year 38% of all grades were in this bracket compared to UK figures of 20.7%. In total, 91% of all Year 11 students gained 5 iGCSE grades at C/4 or better.

The summer examination period can be one of particular stress for our students and we are proud of their commitment to their studies. For the first time this year we introduced various wellness activities (Yoga, Dance, and Mindfulness) for our Year 11 students in the midst of their examinations to help them deal with the stresses and strains of a prolonged period of standardized tests. We will be honoring all our students at the Secondary Prize Giving on Thursday, 10th October 2019.