Diabetes Walk-a-thon

Grace Rothwell - Year 8 Student
On the 14th November 2019, a task is to be carried out. In particular, a task to spread awareness for diabetes by the Saltus community (staff, parents/guardians and students) taking part in a walk-a-thon! Our aim is to collect enough money to buy the Bermuda Diabetes Association a television to spread further awareness for this amazing cause! We will spread notice around to the community by putting up posters and other advertisements, also sending an email out with a link to RaceDayWorld, where the sign up will be located.

When the walk-a-thon begins at 12:45, people will be greeted by a welcoming playlist and atmosphere, with stalls surrounding the course. Some of the stalls will include: one where an elastic band will be put around your wrist every time you complete a lap (so as to find the winner easily), and a station where you can put your water bottles down on a table. You may begin walking, and stop whenever you want, but that means that winning may not be guaranteed for you. We do recommend to start walking at 12:45, though, especially if you want to walk with the majority of people. Furthermore, this event has something for everyone: you can dance to the music, support from the sidelines, or, even, just walk! There are also options for groups, with a maximum of 4 people.

The reason why we chose this idea was so that people could exercise (a prevention of
Type 2 diabetes), while supporting an important cause. Also, Bermuda’s diabetes rates stand at 13%, while globally they only stand at 8%, so we certainly need to take the time to spread awareness!

So, I hope that through this passage, you will be enabled to understand and support our idea!