Cardboard Boat Challenge

The 2019 IBA & BAPE Cardboard Boat Challenge was held on 15th November at the Bermuda National Sports Centre Aquatics Centre.
Teams of two to five students had two hours to build a boat, which could float two people, out of only the supplied materials, including cardboard boxes donated by Butterfield & Vallis, duct tape donated by Gorham’s and a box cutter.
Teams needed to complete a 50-metre lap of the pool. SS Sinkers comprised of George Kerr, Nik Froud, Cassie Mello, Clark Jeffreyfinished in third place with a time of 1 minute, 7 seconds.
We also had two other teams: The Chivas comprised of Jessie Marshall, Lily Beaulne, Julianne Oatley, Natalie Lightbourne and Saltus Bies 2 comprised of Christian Truran, Sam Palmer, Owen DeCosta, Jared Souza.

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