6th Annual Book Fair

The Saltus Association held the 6th Annual Book Fair at the Bookmart at Brown & Co. on Friday, 22nd November to Sunday, 24th November.
The Book Fair helps to restock the three Saltus libraries with books that the students and parents request and the library doesn’t have. 
New This Year - We supported the West Pembroke Primary School! 
The Book Fair was a huge success and we were able to add many new books to the libraries, which is extremely exciting! Thank you for all your generosity!
A personal thank you from Ms. Dill, the Librarian: “I would like to thank everyone involved in making this year’s Book Fair such a success: The Saltus Association, Martin Buckley and the Bookmart Team, the Parent Volunteers and the donors. I am eternally grateful for their constant support and hard work in putting this event together over the past 6 years. I know the students are just as excited as I am to have the new books on the shelves, books that will grow our readership and continue to open our minds to the new worlds and ideas hidden within their pages.