Senior Inter School Cross Country Championships

Under 16 girls – 35 young ladies started the race which was three laps of the Arboretum.   We had FIVE runners finish in the top 10, which helped us to FIRST place overall in the team competition.
Emily Cabral (Y11), Caitlyn Brodie (Y10), Sydney Fischer (Y10), Alyssa DeSilva (Y11) and Massassi Maxwell-Smith (Y11), placed 6 – 10th inclusive, with Jade Johnston (Y11), Lauren Cardwell (Y10) and Joanna Santiago (Y10) rounding out the team in 13th, 15th and 28th respectively.
Under 16 Boys – our boys matched the girls with placing FIVE runners in the top 10 and with winning the overall team championship.  Tommy Marshall (Y11) ran a great race to win, followed by Sancho Smith (Y11) in 3rd, Simeon Hayward (Y10) in 4th, Noah King (Y11) in 7th and Jack Dallas (Y10) in 9th.  The rest of our team consisted of Year 11 students Chris Skinner, Rajan Patton and Sam Webel, finishing in 17th, 18th and 23rd respectively.  27 boys started the race.
Over 16 girls – This was the busiest race with 38 starters.  Kara Dallas (SGY1) was our top finisher in 5th place, followed by Jessie Marshall (SGY2), Noah Autmezguine (SGY1), Koa Goodchild (SGY1) and Robin Stempel (SGY2) finishing is 7th, 8th, 9th and 14th respectively, helping our team to 2nd overall.  Year 10 student, Kyra Adams, who ran up an age group finishing 18th, while Lindsey Pacheco (SGY2) and Sanna Vogler (SGY1) finished 20th and 21st respectively.
Over 16 boys – in the final race of the day, the senior boys had to run 4 laps of the Arboretum.  Ross Cooper (SGY2) placed 7th and Somers Mello (SGY1) finished 9th.  Keiran Malott (SGY2), Tyler Hurdle (SGY2) and Christian Truran (SGY2) all finished 15th, 19th and 20th respectively, helping our team to a THIRD place finish in the team event.  Our other team members were Jonah Davidson (SGY1), Jacques Boonstra (S11) and Owen DeCosta (SGY2) finished 21st, 26th and 28th.  There were 31 starters in this race.
ALL of the students are to be congratulated for their efforts.