Saltus students win Youth Parliament Debate

Saltus students win Youth Parliament genetic debate as part of Principles Conference at South Princess

"The Bermuda Principles Debate is an event that students who are part of the Bermuda Youth Parliment have been participating in for the last three years. It just so turned out that this year the students who made up team opposition all attend Saltus. In the days prior to the debate we were constantly thinking of counter arguments and finding information to refute propositions motion while building our own research and case.
The debate was an amazing experience and I look forward to hearing about it next year when I will have graduated." - Natalie LIghtbourne

"I enjoyed the experience of participating in the Bermuda Principles Debate. Personally, I find debate itself a very passionate form of expression and having the opportunity to debate a topic that is so related to Bermuda is both humbling and exciting." - Ywione Darrell

"The 2020 Youth Parliament Principles Debate was a rather nerve racking and challenging one for me. It marks my second one I’ve taken place in, but this one was different as it posed a challenge for me. Mainly, because when I realized I was chosen to debate in it, it was a week before it actually took place and I had no idea which speaker I’ll be or what our side will be basing our case on. But nevertheless, I didn’t back out of the challenge instead I went to the web and began to research the benefits and the positives on genetic testing, equipping myself with an idea of what proposition may argue and allowing myself to ponder on how I may counter their arguments. Once it was show time, I was nervous as I hadn’t really practiced debating this motion as third speaker, so my argument was more of an impromptu debate, however with the immense support from my counterparts I was able to build a strong rebuttal which played a role in securing side opposition the win in the debate, as well as getting me an offer to train with the Bermuda Worlds Debate Team. I’m thankful for this opportunity as it has showed me what capabilities I have in terms of unprepared speeches as I’ve never fancied or enjoyed impromptu speaking in front of unfamiliar audiences." - Vincent Darrell

Congratualtions on doing such a fantastic job!!