Student Capturing Moments

The other day, the Royal Navy helicopters flying over Bermuda, caught the attention of the island. Student, Kian Mooney, grabbed his camera and started snapping away! 

He said, "I took these photos as the Royal Navy Helicopters flew over my house while I was on lockdown and I thought they were some pretty good photos so I sent them in to a photographer I know of at the Royal Gazette. They ended up using them in the online version of the newspaper as well as the printed version and I thought that was really cool. I love taking photos of anything on the island and when I see something like this, especially during lockdown, it makes me very excited. I have an interest in planes and aircraft anyway, but having a Merlin MK2 Helicopter fly over the island for the first time in 6 years is pretty cool. I love taking photos for the school as well and it is a great opportunity to put myself out into the community as an experienced photographer with a little bit of skill." 

To see the photos online: