Meet our new Head Prefects!

Let’s meet our new Head Prefects …
As we continue to revamp and update our student leadership model, COVID-19 forced us to really be creative with our process.
Those students who were interested in being Head Prefect had to submit answers and a video passing on their message and platform to their fellow students and faculty on SaltusLive.
Students and faculty were then given the opportunity to vote online.
We are happy to announce that this year’s Head Prefects: Koa Goodchild and Ywione Darrell.
Koa Goodchild
I would bring innovation, inclusivity, and a sense of community to the role of Head Prefect.
I have attended Saltus for what will be 14 years in 2021 so I have had many opportunities to make my mark in the student life. In the last two years, I have participated in a handful of sports. Whether it is interhouse or interschool, I take tremendous pride in representing Saltus. I was the captain for the high school girls football team this past season and I think I did a really good job at motivating them to do their best and play for each other. We went the whole season undefeated, won the finals and won All-stars.

I also willingly assist some of the Year 11's that I am friends with. Whether it is a subject I took at GCSE level to helping them deal with stress or even just some advice about something I've been through. In the wider community, I help out with the baby dancers at my dance studio. At 9:00 on a Saturday morning, I'm in the studio volunteering my time to assist the teacher. I also participate in the youth referee program in Bermuda. Lastly, I am a coach to one of the local girl's league football teams. I love to play football and coaching is just one of the ways I feel I can give back to a sport that has given so much to me.

Ywione Darrell
I would bring leadership, teamwork and commitment to the role of Head Prefect.

My capacity as a leader will help me in planning and organizing attempts to establish strong relationships with community partners. My ability to work in teams will allow me to negotiate respectfully with faculty and community partners to ensure that the wishes of the student body are implemented into community service projects and work experiences while also being open to the suggestions and guidance of these adult representatives. My commitment to the role of Head Boy will ensure that deadlines are met and promises made kept. My commitment to reaching out to businesses to give our students the widest range of internships will ensure that students enjoy their work experience and have the ability change between internships so that they can develop the best understanding of what fields of study they're interested in.

Over the past two years, I have participated in the leadership positions and workshops at School and in the wider community. I have served as a member in the Bermuda Youth Parliament since the beginning of Year 10, I have also participated in the Future Leaders program on behalf of Saltus in summer 2019 and currently participate in the Alpha Phi Alpha Beautillion program on behalf of the school. All of these extra-curricular programs have helped me develop into a leader who can act as a strong voice for the concerns of the student body island wide. This is portrayed by my participation in the Fridays For Future rallies that have been held in Hamilton. At Saltus, I have captained the school debate team since Year 10 and led the program since January 2019. I have also been a Gold Key Ambassador since Year 10 and an elected member of the student council for SGY 1 as of November 2019.