Investment Challenge Success

One of our SGY1 Business group's under the syndicate name of ‘Birdbrains’ won $4,000 in the KPMG 15th Annual Senior School Investment Challenge. 
The team of Koa Goodchild, Matthew Ingleman, Ajani Lee, Azarea Mouchette and Somers Mello were given a hypothetical $100,000 to invest in reported stocks on the world markets in October of 2019 and had to create as much profit as possible from it by the end of the competition in April 2020.  In the upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on financial markets across the world, they managed to keep their heads above water and finished as one of only 6 syndicates out of 22 to make a profit on their initial investment. 
Their $101,801 total put them in 5th position as the third Bermudian school in the competition and as such they won the third cash prize of $4,000.  Our other two syndicates SGY2’s “Hayek Holdings” and SGY1’s “Pack in Da Mail” came 6th and 18th respectively.  For the first two months of the competition “Birdbrains” were leading the field and at no time during the whole competition did they drop into the second half of the pack, primarily maintaining their position in the top third all the way through the event.  An excellent result from a group with almost no prior knowledge of this kind of activity.

Well done!