2020 Alpha Beautillion

Mr. Jon Beard was given the opportunity to attend the Alpha Beautillion on Sunday evening (26th July). Ywione was our School’s representative and he did a fantastic job! The competition involved all the Bermuda coed high schools including Chatmore (British International School) and Impact (Mentoring Academy).

Ywione finished third overall - but Mr. Beard is certain that the difference between 1st and 3rd was minimal! Ywione was also adjudged the most consistent student throughout their seven months of practice and was based on their debate, addresses, impromptu competitions and oratorical skills.

His brother, Vincent, kindly sent us the photographs included in this web story and the video of Ywione’s introductory comments (which were a part of the competition). The video can be watched here. In addition to the Introduction speech, there was an Oratorical Contest (where the students presented a prepared commentary on their lessons from the pandemic); a Talent Contest (Ywione in period costume read the letter from Benjamin(a freeman but the son of an enslaved person) in August 1791, to Thomas Jefferson, which detailed the plight of black people at that time. Ywione chose this for its appropriateness to "Black Lives Matter" today) and Impromptu Q&A Session. The Beautillion finished with a Step Show Competition (Ywione definitely has rhythm!).

This is a very demanding evening that lasted four hours. Mr. Beard would like to add that all of the contestants were excellent and were terrific examples of the very positive traits of Bermuda’s young men.

Ywione was also captaining the Bermuda team in a Virtual International Debate only an hour before he was on stage! This says a lot for this outstanding young man; He is a true ambassador for our School!

Congratulations Ywione!