Getting tough on COVID-19

The new school year at Saltus officially started on Thursday, 3rd September following an intense few days of professional learning and procedural training with staff.  Although it may look a bit different this year, we are excited to have our students back on campus again!

Many members of the staff and faculty at Saltus have worked tirelessly over the summer months to ensure that changes to policies and procedures were implemented for a smooth start to the school year. Teacher lead research groups also spent time reviewing global best practices and tools to ensure the team at Saltus was prepared to offer the best learning in the current global environment.

“We want to thank the Bermuda Health Department, who have worked with us over the summer to ensure that we have made all the required adjustments for a safe learning environment.” said Deryn Lavell, Head of School.  “Equally important, is the patience and understanding parents have shown as we implement new procedures. I am confident that all are committed to the health and wellbeing of the whole school community.”

Saltus made a conscientious effort to ensure parents and students were well informed leading up to the return to school.  For example, virtual parent information sessions to answer any questions/concerns and walk parents through procedures were offered at all school levels.  In addition, Saltus created a centralised resource tile for all COVID-19 related information, Saltus procedures for during school hours, and frequently asked questions.

On Wednesday, 2nd September, all new students, SGY1 and SGY2 students, were invited on campus for an orientation. This allowed the Saltus Team to practice new procedures at our “Welcome Stations” where students are dropped off, have their hands sanitised and are asked COVID-19 related health questions. “We were grateful for this day, as we had the opportunity to experience a staggered drop off and to see how we could improve our morning drop off procedures” confirmed Ms. Lavell. “The students involved also had the chance to spend time with their new teachers, see friends and learn more about what the start of the school year will look like for them.”

On Thursday, 3rd September, Saltus welcomed 840 students across two campuses with several members of staff and faculty on hand to facilitate morning drop off, by helping to take temperatures, ask questions and generally welcome families back to school!

Saltus was pleased to welcome Mrs. Kalmar Richards, Commissioner of Education, on Friday 4th September. Mrs. Richards came to visit the school to observe morning drop off procedures and the excitement of students to be back!  She also completed a tour of the St. John’s Road campus to see the changes made in classrooms and offered her support for the efforts undertaken at Saltus.